The Start of Fox Tale Brewing

Fox Tale Brewing is part of Genuine Beverages, LLC founded by Zach Frazier in 2015.  In 2011, Zach and his wife Susan bought a house with hops plants around the garage and Zach received his first home brew kit for a milk stout.  By the grace of God, Zach made good friends who were dedicated home brewers and distillers that took the time to teach Zach about the culture, history, and brewing of beer.

The (very) early days of brewing.

The (very) early days of brewing.

While Zach developed a passion for brewing, he didn’t appreciate the fact that some people were not able to enjoy his alcoholic creations so he decided that it would a good time to try out sodas.  Zach’s beers were good, but nothing special, and he quickly realized that his sodas were much better.  In fact, Zach and Susan realized that when real ingredients and traditional brewing methods were used, the sodas were simply superb and far better than their commercial chemical counterparts. In that spirit, Genuine Beverages, LLC. was created to share those traditional beverages with the world. 

The first product that we chose to produce was ginger beer.  Why?  Simply because it was the most popular pre-Prohibition soda pop in both the United States and the entire English speaking world and tasted delicious.  After careful research, preparation, and dozens and dozens of brews, we brought to life a drink that was simply amazing.  We didn’t want to just brew the drink but also wanted to tell its story. 

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Ginger Beer has amazing history in Wisconsin.  Brought over by New England settlers, ginger beer stoneware once littered territorial and antebellum Wisconsin.  In fact, ginger beer even predated pilsner—the beer style that made Milwaukee and Wisconsin famous as a hotbed of brewers.  We wanted the story to focus on Wisconsin, and specifically, our home, the Fox Valley.  Because of this, we decided to name our ginger beer Fox Tale.

We proudly brew in the historic Town Square in Green Lake Wisconsin and plan to open our taproom in July 2019.