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Established in July 2018 on the shores of beautiful Green Lake, Wisconsin, Fox Tale proudly brew’s Wisconsin’s best Ginger Beer. Brewed Better & Brighter, Fox Tale Genuine Craft Ginger Beer is crafted using traditional Pre-Prohibition brewing methods and classic ingredients like fresh mature ginger, real sugar, organic lemon juice, and choice botanicals that our competitors have long forsaken. The result is simply astounding—a superior ginger beer that is refreshingly bright, drinkable, versatile, and balanced. Whether in a Moscow Mule, mixed with your favorite beer to create your perfect Shandy, or drunk by itself as a real soft drink, Fox Tale Genuine Craft Ginger Beer is simply in a class all its own.

Fox Tale Favorites

Find out what makes Fox Tale Craft Genuine Ginger Beer so special and most importantly, how to get your hands on some!

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What makes Fox Tale Genuine Craft Ginger Beer stand out among the rest? What is so special about the ingredients?



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Town Square Tap

WE ARE OPEN! Stay up-to-date on what’s happening with Fox Tale’s new tap room: Town Square Tap at Millpond Terrace in Green Lake, WI

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